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Please fill in this simple questionnaire to find out which Nikon lens can benefit you. This test is aimed as a guide and you should always consult your eyecare professional for healthy vision and expert advice on your eyecare needs.
Are you looking for
Clear Lenses Sunglasses
Q1.Looking for: Sunglasses
Are you looking for
Single vision lenses (Not sure?) Multifocal lenses (Not sure?)
Single vision lenses have the same power throughout the lens and are used to correct myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. If you are below 40 it is most likely what you need
Progressive lenses allow you to see from far to near with only one lens and are used to correct presbyopia. If you are above 40 it is most likely what you need
Q2.Looking for: Single Vision Lenses
Would you say your prescription is
Small Average High
Q3.Prescription is: Small
How often do you use computers?
Not much A few times a week Every day
Q4.Computer usage is: Not much
Do you want lenses that automatically change tint?
No Yes
Q5.Automatic tint change? No